Vacation Pay and Entitlement

As an employer regulated by the Saskatchewan Employment Act, you must ensure your employees receive the correct time off and vacation pay. Providing employees with time to rest results in greater job satisfaction, a better work-life balance and creates a focused and more productive workforce.

Vacation Entitlement

Vacation entitlement is based on an employee’s length of service. This also determines how to calculate vacation pay, starting on an employee’s date of hire.

Employees receive a minimum of three weeks of vacation after each year of employment. Employees who complete 10 years of work with the same employer receive a minimum of four weeks of vacation. Annual vacation is not the same as statutory holidays 

Vacation Pay

Employees in Saskatchewan with more than one year of employment but less than ten years are entitled to three weeks’ vacation per year, paid at the rate of 5.77% of the employee’s wages for the 12-month period.

Employees with ten years of employment or more are entitled to four weeks’ vacation per year, paid at the rate of 7.69% of the employee’s wages for the 12-month period.

If an employee does not take their vacation time, the employee must receive their vacation pay no later than 11 months following the date when the annual vacation was earned.

As an employer, you must provide at least the minimum standards set out in the Saskatchewan Employment Act. While you may choose to offer greater rights and benefits to staff, you cannot provide less than the minimum standards listed above.

Questions about vacation pay?

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