What is a notice of termination?

When dismissing an employee, employers must follow the correct procedure. This means giving notice of termination or pay instead of notice. Doing so ensures you’re following Saskatchewan’s employment standards and keeping your business protected.

Knowing the rules on termination of employment can help you avert wrongful termination claims and litigation.

Do you need to give termination notice?

The rules for termination of employment, as well as any exceptions, are set by the Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA). It states both workers and employers have to give the notice to end the employment relationship.

Employers do not have to provide notice for every employee, such as seasonal or task-specific employment. A notice  is also not required if the employee worked for the employer for less than 13 consecutive weeks or is being terminated for just cause.

Here’s what to keep in mind when terminating employment

If an employee is not allowed to serve their notice period, or notice isn’t provided, employers must give pay instead of notice. This means the employee receives their normal weekly wages for the required notice period.

The notice period for terminations depends on the length of a worker’s employment.

Employee’s period of employment

Minimum period of written notice

More than 13 weeks but one year or less

One week

More than one year but three years or less

Two weeks

More than three years but five years or less

Four weeks

More than five years but 10 years or less

Six weeks

More than 10 years

Eight weeks

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