What is a Notice of Termination?

When dismissing a worker, employers must follow the right procedure. This means giving a notice of termination. Doing so ensures you’re following Alberta’s standards and keeping your business protected.

Knowing what’s involved with firing a worker before doing so helps you avoid wrongful termination or the costs of hiring a lawyer down the road.

Do you need to give termination notice?

The rules for termination of employment, as well as any exceptions, are set by Alberta’s Employment Standards Code (ESC). It states both workers and employers have to give notice to end the employment relationship.

Employers do not have to provide notice for every employee, such as seasonal or task-specific employment. It is also not required if the employee worked for less than 90 days.

What to keep in mind when terminating employment.

Both employers and staff have guidelines they must follow to meet Alberta’s standards. The notice period for terminations depends on the length of a worker’s employment. By giving proper notice, you can let employees go without cause. That is if the dismissal doesn’t violate any other legislation.

Employers must also ensure the notice is:

  • In writing and addressed to the employee concerned.
  • Includes a termination date.

Since this is a legal document, you want to ensure the content is carefully written. You may need it in case of wrongful dismissal or termination without cause.

But there’s more to letting staff go than just giving notice. From severance pay to ensuring just cause, there is a lot to consider. And getting anything wrong can be a costly mistake.

If you need help with writing notices or meeting Alberta’s employment standards, our friendly advisors are here to help.

Need more help with termination of employment?

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