Employment Contracts

An employment contract sets the terms of the employment relationship between you and your staff. Employees see contracts as a way to safeguard their rights. For an employer like yourself, they are tools to set expectations and protect your business.

You have a duty to meet the minimum standards set out in Manitoba’s Employment Standards Code (ESC). Meaning contracts must include the wage for the role, vacation pay, work hours, notice periods for termination, and severance pay.

Properly drafting an employment contract is critical for your business. But writing them up isn’t easy. And getting any part of it wrong leaves you open to claims from employees

When is an employment contract legally valid?

An employment contract is legally valid whether it is in writing, stated orally, or implied. Best practices advise for written contracts as they are easier to prove than a verbal agreement in cases of doubt or if contested.

In terms of documentation, employers are legally required to record and retain key information for every employee. This includes:

  • The employee’s name, address, and starting date
  • The hours worked by each employee
  • The employee’s date of birth (if under 18)
  • The employee’s vacation records including vacation pay

Keeping all this on hand ensures you are staying compliant. It also helps you protect your business in case of any termination issues.

Why is documentation important?

Simply put, documentation protects your business. For Manitoba employers, contracts are the most valuable tool to secure your business. They limit the cost and difficulties for any without cause terminations. And they act as a key reference point if workers break any rules.

Employment contracts do a lot of the heavy lifting to protect your business. The two main ones you should keep in mind are:

  1. They ensure staff are aware of their obligations and agree to meet the terms you set out.
  2. They secure your business clientele and intellectual property.

When it comes to drafting employment contracts, we are your extra set of eyes.

If your employment contracts need a review or update, you’re in the right place. Our experts are here to keep your business protected and running efficiently. We want you to feel confident when it comes to contracts and your business.

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