What Does British Columbia's Ministry Of Labour Do?

The Ministry of Labour promotes fair, healthy, and safe labour and employment relationships. This supports a strong, sustainable, and inclusive economy for all of B.C.

Three pieces of legislation form the basis of the ministry. These include the Employment Standards Act (ESA), Labour Relations Code (LRC), and the Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA).

The ministry is supported by a set of bodies that share its goals, such as:

  • WorkSafeBC
  • Labour Relations Board
  • Employment Standards Tribunal
  • Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal

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Employment Standards In B.C.

The ESA ensures that the basic rights of employees across B.C. are being met and that employers are fulfilling their responsibilities to their employees.

These rights cover things like:

  • Wages
  • Vacation time & pay
  • Hours of work

It's important that you are compliant with the ESA. On occasion, a branch of the ESA will investigate to ensure that basic employee rights are being met and that you are fulfilling your responsibilities as an employer. You will want to make sure that you are compliant to avoid fines or potential prosecution.

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Need Advice on the Ministry of Labour or the ESA?

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