Termination letters and your business

A letter of termination is a formal notice given by an employer to a worker. It states the employee has been dismissed from their role.

While termination letters have many names (notice of dismissal, letter of dismissal, pink slip), they all have the same info. This includes the worker’s name, position, manager, name of the person in charge of the dismissal, and any next steps.

Getting your termination letter right

Dismissing an employee can be a difficult and expensive process. Getting it right the first time is crucial in saving you time and money.

Consider including the following in your HR policies:

  • If there is just cause for the decision.
  • Your province’s notice requirements for dismissal.
  • Key details to have in your letter.

If you need any help meeting minimum standards or issuing a dismissal letter, get in touch with us today. Our HR experts are here to help you avoid costly mistakes and protect your business.

Avoiding costly mistakes in your termination letter

A big part of dismissals is issuing a letter of notice correctly. If your letter lacks any critical info, the results can be costly. It could lead to legal battles and pricey claims. At worst, a wrongful dismissal might land you in front of a Human Rights Tribunal.

This is why you must do them right. You don’t want to leave your business exposed or liable. Drafting your letters carefully is critical in avoiding this. Putting everything in writing makes the situation clear for everyone. It has the added effect of helping you avoid wrongful dismissals.

How We Can Help

Writing and issuing a termination letter is just the first step to letting an employee go. Pay in lieu or severance may be involved after the fact. Having a team you can trust at your side to make this process simple is invaluable.

  • Determining just cause.
  • Meeting provincial or federal standards.
  • Reviewing severance.
  • Dismissal meetings with staff.

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