Returning to Work Safely

Are you waiting for COVID-19 restrictions to ease before fully opening your business? Or are you in the process of bringing back your employees?

There is a lot to keep in mind when you do bring back your staff. As employees return to work, social distancing and health & safety policies are a must.

Return to work guidelines are set out by the province to help protect your business and reduce health & safety risks. To meet minimum standards and pass inspections, you must have a safe workplace set up before calling your staff back.

If you need any help with returning to work safely, speak with our HR and employment experts. We are here to support your business 24 hours a day.

Back to work guidelines for your business

As an employer, you have a duty to create a safe workspace for your employees. If you are calling back remote or furloughed staff, you must have a workplace or office safety plan in place. This must include everything from:

  • Social distancing guidelines in the workplace
  • Updated health & safety policies
  • Workplace safety training

As an employer, you must be ready to change parts of your business to minimize health risks. Some likely changes to think about are:

  • Holding remote meetings to limit in-person contact
  • Allowing employees to work from home for longer
  • Ensuring physical distancing is followed between workstations

And it is important to know that workers have the right to refuse unsafe work. Return to work legislation under the Occupational Health & Safety Act requires employers to provide a safe workplace for their staff. If you don’t, your employees can refuse to return to work.

Enjoy expert advice to get back to work quickly & safely

As experts in HR and employment legislation in Canada, Employer Line’s advisors will help you create a foolproof return-to-work plan. We will ensure you’re following best practices and are staying compliant with the right health & safety policies.

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