What is the Ministry of Labour?

The Ministry of Labour is responsible for any employment and labour issues in Ontario. Its mandate is to advance safe and fair labour practices and support the well-being of workers.

It manages 24 legislative acts as a part of its duties. This extends its scope to every aspect of the workplace. As such, it handles the compliance, enforcement, investigation, and settlements for labour-related issues. These include:

  1. Employment rights and responsibilities.
  2. Occupational health and safety.
  3. Labour relations.

How does the Ministry of Labour impact your small business?

The Ministry impacts every business in the province. It has many tools to meet its mandate. The ones most relevant to employers are:

  • Proactive inspections to ensure employers are compliant.
  • Investigating employment standards complaints.
  • Enforcing standards such as work hours, vacation pay, minimum wage, etc.
  • Appointing arbitrators to resolve workplace complaints or labour disputes.

While there are many more, these are the most likely to impact employers like you. As such, it is critical you have proper documentation, contracts, and policies in place. Doing so will help your businesses stay compliant in case officials drop by for a visit.

What to keep in mind as an employer in Ontario.

As an employer, you must understand what the Ministry of Labour does. This includes knowing how it interacts with your business.

During a proactive inspection, you may be asked to provide records or documents for review. You should know inspectors do not have to give you notice when they are coming by. These are often stressful situations, especially if you’re unprepared.

EmployerLine’s HR experts can help make these situations a stress-free experience. We’ll help you draft documents and bring your policies up to standard. We’re here to ensure you’re meeting your obligations as an employer to stay compliant.

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