Complimentary Access to Employment Advice

Ask us a question! With Employer Line’s complimentary advice line you can speak with our HR and employment standards experts anytime, anywhere, and about anything employer-related. We can assist with questions on rules and regulations about the Ministry of Labour, Employment Standards Act (ESA) and much more to ensure your business is compliant.

About Employer Line

Employer Line is a dedicated employer resource with around-the-clock employment advice. We are the alternative solution to an in-house HR team or legal counsel, providing small businesses with trusted employment advice. Our expertise covers human resources, employment standards, insurance, and health and safety. At Employer Line, our commitment is to help growing businesses succeed.

Big Company Backup For Small Businesses

Employer Line comes from over three decades of success as an extension of Peninsula, a trusted business advisor in HR and employment. We are in the business of building partnerships with small- and medium-sized companies, to provide on-call, on-site, and on-demand support.

Since 1983, Peninsula has been the go-to resource for HR advice. To date, Peninsula has established over 50,000 partnerships worldwide, across a wide range of sectors and industries. We enable small businesses to benefit from the same expertise that bigger organizations have in place, helping you to grow and succeed. That is our business model.

When you run a small business, the most valuable commodity of all is the hardest one to find: time. Time to concentrate on your business and the things that made you set up in the first place. These are the things that make your business grow. Because no one sets up a business to spend their time learning about employment law or making sure their policies are up-to-date. Nobody except us, that is.

Peninsula started as a small business providing HR and health and safety expertise. Today, our services have expanded to cover all areas of HR, employment, health and safety, insurance, and employee training to support you with the kind of professional backup that big companies take for granted.

Simply put, Peninsula is the big company backup that’s right at your fingertips. We’ve got you covered.

We are in the business of you.

Employer Line is your go-to resource for employment advice in HR and for legal help. Think of us as an extension of your business, in the place of an in-house counsel and HR department. We are your dedicated team of specialists, and we’re here to support employers (like yourself) with legal advice, practical action, and HR best practices. Like we said, we’ve got you covered.