What is Fair at Work Ontario?

Fair at Work Ontario is the most recent version (8.0) of the Employment Standards poster. The expression, Fair at Work Ontario, is a reference to the province’s changed labour laws as a result of the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017. The poster exists to inform employers and employees of the minimum employment standards in Ontario. It is one of many requirements from the Ministry of Labour that most employers must follow.

The Fair at Work Ontario poster places emphasis on six areas of the Employment Standards Act (ESA), as follows:

  1. Minimum Wage
  2. Vacation Time and Pay
  3. Hours of Work and Overtime
  4. Termination Notice / Termination Pay
  5. Public Holidays / Stat Pay
  6. Leaves of Absence

The poster is designed to ensure that employers and employees are directed to the Ministry of Labour when it comes to employment obligations and workplace rights.

For Employers: The Fair at Work Ontario Poster Checklist

If you’re a business owner or employer covered by the Ontario ESA, make sure to check off all the boxes for posting requirements. The Ministry of Labour requires employers to:

  • Display Version 8.0 (in English) in the workplace, at a location that is visible to all employees;
  • Distribute a copy of the poster to new employees within 30 days of their hire date;
  • Post a translated copy of the poster (available in 12 languages) if the primary language of the workplace is that other than English;
  • Provide a translated copy of the poster if a language is available, to employees who request for one.

These requirements are in effect as of January 1, 2018. As an employer, if you do not meet these requirements, it is considered a violation of the ESA. In the event of a Ministry of Labour inspection, an Employment Standards Officer may take enforcement action.

How to Meet the Posting Requirements

To display the Fair at Work Ontario poster, you can download and print it from the Ministry of Labour, here. In doing so, you must use standard letter sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) either in colour or black and white. To distribute the poster to your employees, you can do so electronically or as a hardcopy.

Complimentary Advice on Fair at Work Ontario

If you require support to apply this information to your workplace, call Employer Line at 1-888-219-8767 to speak with our HR advisors.