How do vaccines affect your workplace?

Canada is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. So, it’s hard to believe the rules regarding vaccines in the workplace can be so confusing. Ontario has mandated vaccines in specific industries. And cities like Toronto have gone the extra step to mandate proof of vaccination to access some non-essential services. But business owners are still unsure if they need to have a vaccine policy.

Employers thinking about returning to the office should consider how they will meet their health and safety obligations to keep workers safe without infringing upon workers’ rights.

So, what can you do? And how will this affect your business?

What you can do to manage vaccinations in your business

Employers in Ontario should educate their staff on the benefits of the vaccine. You must also keep your workplace safe during this time. This involves:

  • Updating contracts and documentation to meet new legislation.
  • Creating policies to support staff in getting the vaccine.
  • Keeping your workplace safe and COVID-19 secure (even after vaccination).

This will keep your workplace compliant and your staff safe. But addressing vaccination refusal is another matter. It brings up questions like:

  • Can you make vaccination mandatory for staff?
  • Can you dismiss staff who refuse the vaccinate?
  • How do you manage health and safety with unvaccinated staff?

Get expert advice for vaccines in your workplace.

Managing vaccines in your workplace isn’t easy. If you’re unsure about how to draft a policy to address this, our HR experts can help.

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