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Reducing employee hours is a two-way process

Even well-managed companies can face an unexpected drop in demand for their product or service. When that happens, reducing employee hours can often be an effective way of saving money until business picks up again. However, it’s not always as straightforward as that. Contractual law means that reducing employee hours can only be carried out in agreement with the affected members of your workforce. Failure to do so can open your company up to potentially costly and damaging breach of contract tribunals.

When it comes to reducing employee hours, consultation is key

Under the Employment Standards Act, reducing employee hours is illegal without the consent of those involved. Without their agreement, changing terms and conditions of your employees’ contracts would constitute a breach of contract. That’s why it’s essential to enter a period of consultation, where as an employer, you must take on board anything your employees say which could prevent changes.

Count on Employer Line for specialist help in reducing employee hours

With extensive experience in employment law, Employer Line is well versed in the process involved in reducing employee hours. With our fully qualified experts on your side, you can be sure of the best possible result for your business. Besides understanding the sometimes complex legislation surrounding this issue, we appreciate how difficult it can be for you too. By taking the weight off your shoulders, we enable you to get on with the business of running your company.


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