Employee Temporary Layoffs

With employee layoffs, it’s in your best interest to follow HR best practices. Laying off an employee has many legal considerations. It is important to get it right to avoid legal challenges for wrongful dismissal. Fortunately, with Employerline, an HR expert is just a call away.

How do temporary layoffs work?

A temporary layoff is when you cut back an employee’s work or end their employment, for a specified time.

A layoff becomes a termination of employment if the employer:

  • Has no intention of bringing the employee back to work; or
  • The layoff exceeds the maximum time length under the province’s employment standards legislation.
  • Does not recall staff when business picks up; or employees refuse to come back to work due to safety concerns.

What is the law behind employee layoffs?

The rules for employee layoffs are set in your province’s employment standards regulations. 

Given the current climate, many employers must take the hard step of implementing temporary layoffs. Our HR experts will ensure your business complies with current legislation, and talk you through how to correctly recall staff to reduce the risk of constructive dismissal claims.

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